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For 12 months members of the loosely-knit alliance for the promotion of liberty known as Greater Raleigh Resistance have taken the assertion of personal sovereignty, property rights, and basic freedom to our Raleigh City Council. While some successes have been measured, like Raleigh’s discontinuing membership in ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability), other blatant violations of basic human freedom and natural rights have continued to pour forth from Raleigh’s policy faucet like so much toxic waste laden water.


This month’s Freedom Lovin’ Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday, August 6th, brought Mr. Rocco Piserchia, Ms. Katie Haberman, and myself, Marcus Hill, to the fore. All members of a body who have twice unanimously voted to continue purchasing and adding Potash Corporation’s toxic waste to the municipal water supply were present, except for Councilor Bonner Gaylord (running unopposed for his District this election cycle). The Council was in high spirits, it seemed, anticipating the easy step forward towards securing both a $100million and a $70million bond to use in accordance with UN Agenda21 dictates.


With only 3 minutes to address the Council, the focus of our presentations were necessarily tightened. Rocco Piserchia was up first and, with laser precision, cut apart the specious arguments for the consolidation of the power over resources (including land use, water, energy, human, etc.) known as the United Nations Agenda21, the Agenda for the 21st Century, to which Raleigh celebrates adherence. Before thanking her “royal majesty,” Mayor McFarlane, for the audience, Mr. Piserchia demanded honesty about policy objectives and the hypocrisy of sustainability in a city that adds neurotoxins to the water supply while contracting for mercury-laden light bulbs. His petition for honesty in a public forum was dismissed by the current administration.


Causal relations are typically important in determining the introduction of a chemical compound into the human body. Katie Haberman stood second and asked the Council to make use of their electronic devices to verify the information she presented. After expertly outlining the differences between the toxic waste fluorides (commonly sodium fluoride) added to the water supply and the beneficial mineral calcium fluoride, Ms. Haberman cautioned the Council that a wave of litigation could rise up as more and more studies verify adverse health effects. With a callous lack of consciousness, the Raleigh City Council turned its back on the growing tide of concern over water fluoridation.




For the 12th time, I, Marcus Hill, stood before the Raleigh City Council to demand an end to grievous violations of the basic freedoms and natural rights of all of Raleigh’s citizens. I stood to demand an end to the introduction of hexafluorosilicic acid; what could easily be classified as a chemical weapon (just research the myriad adverse health effects). I rose to continue trumpeting, in defiance of the UN Agenda21, the sanctity of personal property rights and of the right of the individual to defend themselves. The limitations of time narrowed my focus to a single question for the person elected to be my representative on the Council. I asked Councilor from District C, Eugene Weeks, “Why do you choose to add what could easily be classified as a chemical weapon to the water supply?”


Mr. Weeks mumbled a desire not to answer and was quickly saved from answering by Mayor McFarlane who reminded me of my time constraints.


Councilor John Odom, always a staunch defendant of fluoridating the City of Raleigh’s water with the hazardous toxic waste of the world’s largest phosphate mining company, seized the opportunity to build a straw man argument commonly used in defense of adding the chemical weapon to the water. Why add a chemical weapon to the water supply? Odom asserts, “One of my reasons is…”


Is there anything reasonable about his argument?


Councilor Mary Ann Baldwin showed her ignorance of the topic by attempting to rebut the fact that Europe does not fluoridate but has no more, but in many cases less, cavities than the United States with an unresearched “that’s not true.” We can quickly show her it is true by quoting any of the studies presented here: . Councilor Baldwin quickly laughed off the comparison of fluoridated to non-fluoridated communities as “besides the point.”




The point is the chemical weapon Councilor Baldwin and the entire Council voted twice to continue adding to the water does not do what they claim it does, but does cause numerous problems against which their ignorance or laughter does not protect them, or you!


Protecting Your Rights is Up To You.


Greater Raleigh Resistance it doesn’t cost a thing to FREE YOUR MIND

Marcus Hill (R)

Candidate Raleigh City Council District C

Greater Raleigh Resistance

After a yearlong stand to assert the sovereignty of the individual and to champion the natural and property rights of all of Raleigh’s citizens, Marcus Hill is running for office.

That’s right.

The Resistance is just getting started. Take Control of Your Local Governments. It is where the rubber meets the road… and you are the highway.

Founder of Greater Raleigh Resistance, and now candidate for Raleigh City Council District C, Marcus is dedicated to freedom, individual sovereignty, personal responsibility, and championing the natural and property rights of all of Raleigh’s citizens.

You can support our Resistance effort here by going to and watching Marcus and numerous other GRR members (like Rocco Piserchia, Katie Haberman, Corey Sturmer, and Andrew Prioleau) confronting the Raleigh City Council on myriad natural rights and property rights issues. Use the information to promote liberty in your area!!!!

 It may be too late, or it may not, but find out if you can be on the ballot in your local area. If you believe in freedom you should be!


Other great resources include:


If interested in supporting Marcus’ candidacy in District C, please contact Katie or Marcus via PlanetInfowars, Youtube, or (if you are receiving this by email) our email. We will let you know how you can help!

Please enjoy the Operation Paul Revere Contest entry produced by Katie Haberman, Corey Sturmer, and Marcus Hill. Our combined efforts, in conjunction with the efforts of numerous liberty activists, yields this overview of our year(s) long effort to assert individual sovereignty and end the practice of water fluoridation.


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Greater Raleigh Resistance
Marcus Hill

Independence Day, 2013, was marked two days early by Greater Raleigh Resistance. Three patriots stood in defiance of the tyrannical Raleigh City Council, demanding an end to water fluoridation and a return to the tenets and ideals outlined in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

In his amazing debut before the Raleigh City Council, James Ward connects the dots between the toxins put into 70% of the public water in the USA and the health problems plaguing over 70% of the United States’ population. Mr. Ward describes the criminality of the Council and their policies, as well as the process by which toxic waste from the fertilizer industry is transported by hazmat tanker-truck to be dumped into the water here in Raleigh. He asks the Council how much poison he should be giving his children to drink?

Marcus Hill submits a petition (with well over a hundred signatories) demanding an end to water fluoridation. Mr. Hill encourages the Raleigh City Council to celebrate Independence Day by ending their policies anathema to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. End Water Fluoridation! End Any and All Affilitation with fascist front-group, ICLEI and the UN Agenda 21! Defend the Rights of the Greatest Minority, the Individual! Support and Defend the Constitution!

When asked how this Raleigh City Council will celebrate Independence Day, the Council sat in silence!

Mayor McFarlane did, eventually, manage to inform Marcus that his time was up.

In her continuing brave effort to end the mass poisoning of Raleigh with hexafluorsilicic acid (sodium fluoride) Katie Haberman cites the recently proposed law in Ireland, which would make it a felony punishable by 5 years in prison to add such toxins to Irish water. Here in Raleigh, the fact that sodium fluoride is being presented as beneficial calcium fluoride is called into question, as is the fact that water fluoridation was voted in at a time when leaded gasoline, asbestos, leaded paint, and DDT were all touted as safe and effective. Ms. Haberman asks the Council to join Portland, Oregon, and hundreds of communities that have let go of that lie from the 1950’s.

The GRR CORE Challenge has proven a success, with verified completions by multiple members of the in response to the challenge issued by the group Greater Raleigh Resistance. On the home front, here in the Triangle, Raleigh has a CORE group of at least ten solid activists dedicated to speaking at the Council. While that has yet to result in the block of time envisioned at the issuing of the Challenge, the guarantee that monthly representation by multiple members of GRR is a positive step towards our overall objective, the assertion of the liberty of the individual.

As one commenter on the channel said:

tommystock64 4 days ago
Real life Super Hero’s vs. Real life Super Villain’s !

Remember, the only Super Hero we need is YOU! You Are The Resistance!!!
Join Greater Raleigh Resistance (or start/facilitate the movement for freedom in your area) this next Freedom Lovin’ Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday, coming this August 6, 2013.
Petition to be heard:

Join us in Durham to stand with fellow activist Corey Sturmer in his appeal to the Durham City Council who last upheld the policy of mass medicating a population with toxic waste products, i.e. water fluoridation.
Find all the info you need here:

And don’t forget to check out these valuable and informative resources:

Marcus Hill
June 22, 2013

June 4, 2013 marked the 10th assertion of the sovereignty of the individual and the resistance to government oppression by Greater Raleigh Resistance. The Raleigh City Council’s Meeting was held in tandem with the Budget Hearing, and a capacity crowd of hundreds was in attendance. Citizens, city workers, firefighters, police, and numerous spectators and members of the press kept the Council on their best behavior. Many of those in attendance, thanked your’s truly and Mr. Rocco Piserchia for standing for liberty that day.

Some in attendance have joined GRR’s CORE and will be speaking with us on July 2, 2013.

The awakening is quickening.

Marcus Hill asked the Raleigh City Council to join the 21st Century and Portland, Oregon, by rejecting the practice of medicating a public water supply. He pointed out the fact that Potash Corporation’s toxic waste is added to Raleigh’s water. Marcus denounced the Raleigh City Council’s alliance with Local Governments for Sustainability (formerly ICLEI) and, once again, warned the people of Raleigh about this fascist front group’s systematic dismantling of private property rights based on the junk science of climate change and sustainability. Marcus challenged the Council to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, once again, by passing a resolution in support of the sanctity of the right to self-defense.

Rocco Piserchia called out the Raleigh City Council’s blatant disregard of the United States Constitution in their alliance with UN Agenda21 fascist front group Local Governments for Sustainability (formerly ICLEI). He questioned the hypocrisy of claiming environmental stewardship while putting toxic fluorides in the public water supply. Rocco deftly dismantled the false science of global warming/climate change, upon which the UN Agenda 21 is, for the most part, predicated.

Rocco Piserchia’s one-two punch left the Raleigh City Council fumbling and dumbfounded, unable to answer the simple question of how much money is allocated toward membership in the fascist front group (ICLEI) that guides policy in Raleigh. Mayor Nancy McFarlane could not answer the question during the Budget Hearing, and would not answer Rocco’s plea for a time during which questions could be answered about the budget.

Further inquiry via email did yield this response from the Raleigh City Government:
Mr. Piserchia,

The City is currently evaluating its membership in ICLEI in relation to other national organization memberships and the value each would bring to the City. We did not renew our membership this past year. (The annual cost is $2750.) Please let me know if additional information is needed.
Thank you,
Kirsten Larson
Raleigh OMB

Resistance is having an effect!

Do you have 3 minutes to fight tyranny?

We are determined to stand publicly in defiance of tyranny. If you are in the Raleigh area, join our CORE.

If you live on the planet Earth…. We challenge you to form the CORE in YOUR Community!!!!

Imagine 100 cities across the nation with 10 activists per city per month standing in defiance of tyranny.

Join us the first Tuesday of every month in the Raleigh City Council Chambers at 222 West Hargett Street, Raleigh.

SPEAK UP!!! July 2, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Raleigh, your Petition to Address the Council is due Tuesday, June 25, by high noon (12p.m.), and can be found on the RCC website:

Or, launch the resistance in YOUR area!!!!!

Be the CORE by the 4th of July!



Find out how:

Resistance is Persistence

Marcus Hill

The 9th Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday, May 7, 2013, found 4 speakers  standing against the tyranny of Raleigh’s local government. Greater Raleigh Resistance has vowed to fill the house and the Council’s ears with the deafening roar of patriots demanding respect of their personal sovereignty. We are on our way!

While 8 were slated to speak, 4 were able to make it to the podium that night, but they were supported by over a dozen patriots (many of whom decided to continue the night of activism with some freedom-lovin’ fellowship at nearby restaurant). All who came out, or were with us in spirit, are greatly appreciated. We need you!

May’s speakers are in order of appearance below. The Raleigh City Council is visibly steaming about our continuing efforts to expose and end their tyranny. Resistance is Persistence and Greater Raleigh Resistance is turning up the HEAT!!!!

Cindy Clifton delivers a powerful and thought-provoking speech to a Raleigh City Council that emabarasses itself monthly with its disrespect towards the valid concerns of human beings in the capital city. Mrs. Clifton relates her personal story in an effort to encourage the council to understand that their water fluoridation policy has adverse health effects. Cindy is poised and eloquent when she calls on the Council to abandon its harmful policy immediately. 

Marcus Hill delivers an extemporaneous and impassioned speech calling on the Raleigh City Council to abandon its tyranny and defend the Constitution by ending water fluoridation, abandoning UN Agenda21 governance, and passing a Resolution to Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States and the State of North Carolina. Raleigh City Councilor Colonel (ret.) Randall K. Stagner launched an impromptu, but failed, assault attempting to divert attention from the Council’s lack of support for the Constitution and its blatant violation of Article I Section X. It is quite clear on which side of the principles inscribed in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution that our Raleigh City Council sits.

Katie Haberman calls on the Raleigh City Council to acknowledge the National Research Council’s findings in 2006 that the EPA standards for fluoride in water were not satisfactory in preventing adverse health effects. Katie ably asserts her sovereignty and demands the Council acknowledge that she does not consent to being fluoridated. She reminds them that their policy does not trump law. Councilor John Odom meekly offer his acknowledgement. Perhaps the fact that doing something to someone without their consent is tyrannical will dawn on this Raleigh City Council in the near future.

Rocco Piserchia calls on Mayor Nancy McFarlane to explain and end her affiliation with the highly suspect group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (whatever that means). The tyranny knows no bounds, as our local leaders fluoridate the water against people’s will and work to disarm law-abiding citizens. Criminals and criminals in government would have free reign over the people of Raleigh, but a stalwart Rocco Piserchia stands vehemently opposed.

There will be more Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday’s to come, so fill out your Petition to Address the Raleigh City Council:

and join us on June 4, 2013.

Bring your voices, bring your cameras, and bring your love of liberty!

By Marcus Hill April 10, 2013

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Just one week ago, Greater Raleigh Resistance members and anti-fluoride activists confronted the Raleigh City Council for the eighth time in a row to demand an end to the absurd practice of using toxic waste as medication delivered via a municipal water system.

Andrew Prioleau spoke first in defense of his personal right to choose any medical treatment and in defiance of a government who is clearly not serving the best interest of the public or the individual.

Marcus Hill was next and outlined the connection between fluoride and the fascism presented as environmentalism that allows some corporations (like Potash Corporation) to destroy the environment and pollute municipal water supplies with toxic waste (fluoride). United Nations Agenda21 is the lipstick on the fascist pig running roughshod over the personal property rights of us all.

Katie Haberman asked the Council to address the issue of dosage, alluded to by Dr. Jean Spratt (NCDHHS agent who spoke in support of fluoridation 4Sept.2012). She asked the Council how they are protecting infants from exposure to fluorides, as the CDC has voiced opposition to infant fluoride ingestion. Katie also pointed out the Council’s malpractice of medicine.

Rocco Piserchia demanded that the Council admit they are acting as an agent of globalist policies here in Raleigh. He exposes the fact that Agenda21 is promoted via a propaganda system based on faulty science. Rocco is featured here because water fluoridation, like so many of our local policies, is connected to the globalist (fascist) agenda.

Shane Bullis, back on March 19, 2013, spoke out against water fluoridation before the Raleigh City Council. Shane’s desire to raise awareness about water fluoridation stems from his own experience with illness from fluoridated water. Fluoride Fightin’ Tuesday in Raleigh, NC began with Shane’s help and we are thrilled that he has taken the fight to the Council during their daytime meeting.

Within just the past month, numerous patriots and activists have put their minds and their energies into the battle to end water fluoridation. We encourage you to join us. Consider this your personal invitation to the first Triangle Anti-Fluoride Meet-Up. April 20th, 2013!

Click Here to Join/Share the Facebook Event

This is a potluck event and all are welcome to attend. Mark your calendars!!!!!!

If you are not in the Raleigh area, please explore the resources at youtube channel ToxicNCWater,,,and launch the movement in your area!

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